LeakFree Certification



LeakFree Roof Certification

Once a roof meets our inspection criteria, the LeakFREE Certification is admitted to the roof signifying that roof has undergone an extensive inspection and is now able to remain leak-free for the entire certification period. It is the premium standard in professional roofing assurance not available from any insurance company in South Africa. We are the first in the country to offer full roof assurance.


Remember! Your home owners insurance only covers your roof against storm damage and will not cover against normal leakages caused by poor workmanship or lack of maintenance. We bridge that gap in your insurance by offering you roof assurance!


How Roof Assurance works :  


The LeakFree Certification covers your entire roof. If any part of your roof ever leaks during the certification period, a contractor will be at the location as soon as possible, ready to fix the leak, at no cost to yourself up to a value of R 50,000 -00


The cost of certification is dependant on the warranty period which can be for 1 through 5 years, depending on the risk profile of the roof.


If your roof ever leaks during the certification period, you can have peace-of-mind that you have the best roof coverage out there, at no cost to you in spite of service calls or repairs.


Special Advantages of LeakFREE:


Certifying your house with a LeakFREE Roof Certification has several advantages over normal home inspections:


First, when our certification is purchased, the peace of mind that comes of knowing it is backed by a reputable business comes with it.


Secondly, having your roof certified with our LeakFREE warranty offers the assurance that comes with a thorough examination and analysis of the interior, exterior, perimeter, and rooftop. This is something that home inspectors, who only inspect the interior of your home, are unable to provide.


In addition to this, should a roof leak subsequently occur on a certified roof, the contractor will 1) repair the roof if it is due to normal wear and tear or an inspection oversight, or 2) assist the homeowner or commercial property manager in filing an insurance claim if the problem is not covered under the certification.


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